L. Fournier & Fils celebrates the exceptional achievement of its concrete teams at the Côté Gold mine site in Ontario

Category: Realisations

Date: January 18, 2023


L. Fournier & Fils, a leading concrete company, is proud to highlight the remarkable accomplishment of its teams working on the Côté Gold mine site in Ontario. 
Since the beginning of 2021, our teams have achieved an extraordinary performance by reaching a total production of 100,051 m3 of concrete, with a highlight on October 2nd during an exceptional pour of 75 m3 for the 607- CV-0036 gold room slab, in collaboration with Aecon. 
Work on this ambitious project began in 2021, and important milestones were reached throughout the year. On July 21, 2021, one of the largest concrete pours of the project was carried out, with a volume of 1,344 m3, closely followed by another significant pour on December 13, 2021. These remarkable achievements were made possible thanks to the commitment and knowledge of our field teams. 
L. Fournier & Fils would like to extend special thanks to its SWATcrete division, whose contribution was essential in achieving this ambitious goal. Thanks to their support and their brand-new plant, the team was able to increase its production capacity and successfully meet the technical challenges of the project. 
The company remains committed to the Côté Gold mine site and is continuing its major work in 2023. This success is the result of close collaboration between our teams, our partners and all the players involved in this project. 
Congratulations to all those involved who contributed to this great success, a testament to excellence and commitment of L. Fournier & Fils in the concrete industry.






Emerson Swallow Président