L. Fournier & Fils inaugurates a revolutionary garage in partnership with Savar-Hangar

Category: Innovation

Date: July 18, 2023


L. Fournier & Fils is delighted to announce the successful installation of a revolutionary garage emerging from a partnership with Savar-Hangar. This collaboration resulted in the creation of an innovative garage, which represents a significant breakthrough in the industry. 
This garage stands out with its innovative hydraulic system, allowing quick installation in less than 45 minutes. This unprecedented feature greatly eases mobilization and demobilization, thus offering a practical and effective solution for the needs of our customers. Indeed, as soon as it arrives on site, the garage is operational, ready to use, which generates considerable time savings. 
The L. Fournier & Fils team is particularly proud to announce that this garage is the first of its kind to be established in Quebec and that it is also Savar-Hangar's first achievement in this field. This achievement marks a significant milestone in the construction and mobility sector. 
Thanks to this technological breakthrough, L. Fournier & Fils will be able to significantly improve its operations and better meet the needs of its customers. In a future-oriented approach, the company plans to acquire a second garage of this type in 2024. 
This collaboration with Savar-Hangar marks a new era for the industry, aiming to pave the way for efficient and sustainable solutions. 






Emerson Swallow Président