Commercial Concrete

Whether for foundations of commercial or industrial buildings or for other uses, we can provide numerous types of concrete to meet your every need at very competitive prices. We care deeply about the quality of our products and use only high-performance materials. Our technical support and after-sales service stand out from the competition, and our R & D lab can develop new products to meet specific needs. We also have a large fleet of trucks to ensure fast, efficient delivery of our products 24/7.

For over 35 years, we have earned a stellar reputation for our knowledge of concrete and our command of cutting-edge techniques in all types of conditions, including northern environments.

Concrete plants


In operation since 1979, our permanent concrete plants can fulfill the needs of industrial and commercial customers for all types of project. We serve the entire Abitibi-Témiscamingue region.

If your needs extend outside the region, our mobile concrete plants of various capacities are at your disposal.


We have several mobile plants that can meet a wide range of needs and adapt to factors such as setup and takedown time, flow capacity, and mixture complexity.

Our mobile plants have been successfully mobilized on a number of large-scale projects, and our experienced team is accustomed to adapting to the different circumstances and changes that inevitably occur over the course of a project.

We have a stringent quality control system that takes into account the special characteristics of remote or Arctic regions.

Ready-mix concrete

Conventional concrete

We offer a wide range of conventional concretes suitable for a variety of different projects. These high-performance concretes feature excellent placement and finishing quality, and workability is adjusted to site-delivery requirements through the careful selection of additives. Setting time can also be shortened or lengthened as needed.

Self-consolidating concrete

We have developed a range of high-fluidity concretes called “self-consolidating concretes” (SCC). The granular skeleton of these concretes has been maximized down to the micrometre. Featuring both stability and fluidity, they can be delivered to inaccessible areas or to highly reinforced forms without the need for vibration. We can adjust the fluidity of our SCCs to a spread of between 500 and 800 millimetres without segregation, while maintaining a very low water-cement ratio. Their final compressive strength can reach over 35 MPa.

High-performance concrete

Our high-performance concretes have compressive strengths of over 50 MPa. The are designed to give structures greater durability, and their waterproofing comes from a very low water content combined with continuous fine gradation. With carefully selected additives, our high-performance concretes are extremely malleable during placement. High-performance concretes may even reduce project costs for concrete because in some cases, support structure dimensions can be considerably reduced. Our high-performance concretes open up a host of possibilities that conventional concretes simply cannot provide.


Our wet-mix shotcretes are the result of many years of research and development and have proven themselves on many projects, both at the surface and deep underground. They are suitable for all applications – inclined, vertical, or overhanging horizontal surfaces – and they can be used for structural reinforcement and for protection or repair of both abraded and smooth surfaces. Our shotcretes have been formulated to maximize placement (better surface adhesion, increased application thickness per pass, less rebound). Depending on the project, slump can be adjusted from 50 millimetres to a spread of over 650 millimetres. When delivered underground through vertical pipes, our liquefied sprayed concretes are stabilized in terms of segregation and setting time to ensure user safety and to protect infrastructure. Their final compressive strength is over 35 MPa.

Fibre-reinforced concrete

Fibre can be added to all of our concretes. We have several types available – from microfiber to synthetic or steel macrofibre – each suitable for a specific application. Depending on the amount used, fibre can help prevent cracking from plastic or drying shrinkage. When added in higher amounts, fibres provide structural reinforcement that in some cases can replace light steel rebar. If cracking due to external pressure is an issue, the use of fibre can limit expansion by holding the concrete together. The fibres we distribute have excellent anchoring in concrete, meaning the concrete can withstand significant distortion loads. In addition to its ability to limit cracking, fibre can be used to reduce abrasion damage on high-traffic surfaces such as garage floors or in mine raises and underground silos. Our fibre-reinforced concretes feature excellent pumpability and workability.

Lightweight concrete

We have developed an assortment of lightweight concretes with densities ranging from 400 to 2,000 kg/m3 and compressive strengths adjustable from 0.5 to 20 MPa. These concretes are highly fluid and can be prepared with or without additives, depending on requirements. They are suitable for numerous applications, such as backfilling, thermal and acoustic insulation, surface levelling, building lightweight structures, and filling annular spaces from culvert repairs involving liner-pipe insertion. Because of their ingredients and careful formulation, these concretes are very stable over time both in terms of handling and placement and also after setting.

Mass concrete

Our mass concretes are the ideal solution for building very large structures, in which the heat produced by hydration becomes critical. In such structures, the heat produced creates a significant temperature gradient between the interior and exterior of the structure. Such temperature gradients can lead to major cracking and compromise the integrity of the concrete structure. We have therefore designed concretes with low heat output that help to control these gradients. Our mass concretes can be prepared for a variety of different final compressive strengths, and they can be formulated with a standard slump rate or with high fluidity for placement without vibration or delivery underground through vertical piping.

Self-levelling concrete

We have developed high-fluidity concretes called “self-levelling concretes” for surface levelling applications. With a granular skeleton maximized down to the nanometre, these concretes feature fast and easy placement over any surface, large or small, meaning your overall placement time is greatly reduced. With the right technique, you can easily achieve a flatness standard of 5 millimetres over 2 metres. In addition to levelling, this highly fluid concrete can be used as acoustic insulation or as a screed coat over underfloor radiant heating systems. It provides even coverage of pipework to maximize the overall performance of these systems.

Premixed bagged concrete

Conventional concrete

We offer a wide range of conventional bagged concrete suitable for a variety of projects. These high-performance concretes feature excellent placement and finishing quality. The cements, aggregates, and additives are measured and mixed with precision in our ISO9001 and NQ 2621-905 certified bagging plant, guaranteeing consistency from one bag to the next. Setting time can be increased or decreased according to specific needs. We also carry different bag sizes, ranging from 30 kg to 1000 kg, or 1 m3, with or without delivery spout. We also have a number of mixers designed especially to maximize productivity, guarantee mix quality, and ensure user safety. Our mixers can be quickly and easily moved to remote locations.


Years of research and development have gone into our dry-mix shotcretes, resulting in several specialty concretes:

  • GATORPASSTM: an abrasion-resistant shotcrete of unparalleled value for the price, and for protecting and repairing ore passes, hoppers, silos, and any other high-use structure.
  • PUR concrete: shotcrete that reaches high compressive strength very quickly, designed to considerably reduce turnaround time.
  • Arctic concrete: shotcrete designed especially for northern environments (<0 °C), where low temperatures usually restrict the use of conventional shotcretes.

Our shotcretes have proven themselves on many projects, both on the surface and underground. They are suitable for all applications – inclined, vertical, or overhanging horizontal surfaces – and they can be used for structural reinforcement and for protection or repair of both abraded and smooth surfaces. Our shotcretes have been formulated to maximize placement (better surface adhesion, increased application thickness per pass, less rebound). We control all production stages, from aggregate sieving to bagging, guaranteeing consistency from one bag to the next. This is particularly important for shotcrete, where accuracy of grain size is essential to maximizing adhesion. We can vary a wide range of additives (accelerators, air-entraining agents, waterproofing agents) to adjust the characteristics of our shotcretes. We can also provide premixed bagged concretes for wet-mix shotcrete.

Masonry products

We have developed many masonry products for the construction industry, including N and S type mortars, building block mortars, and block-fill grout. These products all meet the requirements of the CSA A-179 standard.

Precast concrete

We have a wide selection of precast concrete structures available in various dimensions.

  • Concrete blocks
  • Concrete slabs
  • Concrete anchors
  • Retaining walls
  • Concrete walls
  • Parking bumpers

Depending on your needs, we can add an air-entraining agent to the concrete to give precast pieces more freeze-thaw resistance. Various types of anchors are available to manipulate precast pieces.

For more information, consult our product catalogue or contact us.