Located on Eeyou Istchee Baie James territory of Wemindji, the partnership between Meeyoubou inc.  and L. Fournier & Fils took place officially in October of 2019 with Mr. Angus Mayappo and Mrs. Stephanie Georgekish, both from the Cree Nation of Wemindji.

The following services are offered by Meeyoubou – Fournier:

  • Excavation, handling and hauling of overburden material, granular material, rock (waste and ore) and tailings
  • Construction of dikes, roads, bridges, infrastructure works, civil works, works pertaining to water and sewer facilities, piping, landscaping and ditches
  • Crushing and screening (portable and stationary)
  • Production, delivery and concrete pumping (cement, pre-mixed concrete, sprayed concrete and packaged cement mixes)
  • Concrete batch plant operation (portable and stationary) and backfill plant (paste or rock fill)
  • High pressure injection of concrete products, waterproofing and cementation of diamond drill casing and holes and drill casing decommissioning
  • Shotcrete placement, underground concrete and cement related works, grout injection, cemented rock fill and cement product injection
  • Rehabilitation of construction and mining sites
  • Restoration of mining sites
  • Bulk material transportation on site and on road from and to site, including transportation of ore, cement and raw materials
  • Contaminated soil handling, treatment and decontamination
  • Year-round maintenance of roads and pathways, including snow removal, leading to an operating site
  • Rental of heavy and of construction equipment and of trained personnel to operate it safely

Services are provided in a work spirit where environment, health and safety are the priority, while combining the strengths of Meeyoubou inc. and Fournier & fils

  • Safety
  • Environment
  • Knowledge of the work practices in the North
  • Experience with isolated sites
  • Experience with extreme climatic conditions
  • Fit of equipment – size and number
  • Strong logistics
  • Seasoned personnel
  • On-the-job training
  • Flexibility of operations
  • On-site maintenance expertise

Meeyoubou – Fournier

25, Beaver Road, Wemindji (Quebec) J0M 1L0

Angus Mayappo, President – 1 819-978-7764 (in English only) / 819-825-4000
Stephanie Georgekish, Vice-president – 1 819-978-7100 / 819-825-4000