Precast Concrete

We offer a wide selection of precast concrete structures in various finishes and dimensions.

  • Concrete blocks
    • Standard blocks (2’ x 2’ x 4’) – These blocks are suitable for use as temporary fill and as counterweights. They can also be used to block access or mark out boundaries.
    • Retaining wall blocks – These blocks are useful for shoring up unstable ground. Their interlocking shape provides extra strength.
    • Jersey barriers – These attractive blocks take up little space and are used primarily in parking lots.
    • Decorative retaining wall blocks – Ideal for large-scale projects, these come in various shapes. A pleasing yet subtle appearance, combined with a complex and sophisticated design gives them almost limitless support capacity. Engineer-approved plans are also available. Our decorative block catalogue also has an installation guide for decorative retaining walls.
  • Concrete anchors
  • Retaining walls
  • Concrete walls

Depending on your needs, we can add an air-entraining agent to the concrete to give precast pieces more freeze-thaw resistance.

See our product catalogue or contact us for more information: