Known for expertise and innovation in our field, our dedicated team develops cutting-edge tools and technologies that allow us to successfully perform in terms of on-time delivery, budget and quality.



Our specialized knowledge of materials and our thorough command of the various crushing techniques make us genuine experts.

Products and Services

The result of rigorous collaboration between our field teams and our quality-control personnel, our aggregate products and services guarantee a superior level of quality.

Products and Services


Medium-capacity to large-capacity mobile crusher
Providing both adaptability and versatility, our medium- to large-capacity mobile crushers allow us to fulfill a multitude of operational needs and meet the demands of different markets.
Compact mobile crusher
Featuring cutting-edge technology, our compact mobile crushers allow us to complete various small- to medium-sized mandates and successfully perform in terms of on-schedule delivery, budget and quality, all within a complex and frequently changing environment.
Screening plant
Our variable-capacity crawler screening plants are key to producing the sand contained in cement, asphalt and large-diameter riprap stone. Our experienced production and technical-support teams ensure a quality final product that meets your specific needs.
Natural and crushed gravel
With numerous quarries, gravel pits and sand pits in Quebec’s Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, we offer a wide range of products:
-MG20, MG56 and MG112 crushed stone that meets industry norms and standards.
-Washed stone for concrete, asphalt and drainage.
-Sand: sieved, and for use in septic drain fields, concrete, filtration, mortar, abrasives.
-Riprop (embankment armour rocks).

Turnkey Service to Meet Your Needs

  • Customer-focused performance

    Our strong focus on our clients can be measured in terms of loyalty, satisfaction and transparency. Our technical support and after-sales service offer a customer experience based on respect and the pursuit of mutual success.

  • An innovative approach

    Our research and development lab works to develop specialized, tailor-made products to meet the needs and scope of your projects.

  • Fast delivery

    With over 1,000 units, our fleet of specialized transport equipment ensures quick and efficient delivery of your products and materials, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Competence and customization

    Working in close collaboration with our clients, we are committed to delivering customized products and services that adhere to the strictest environmental and health-and-safety standards.






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