Known for expertise and innovation in our field, our dedicated team develops cutting-edge tools and technologies that allow us to successfully perform in terms of on-time delivery, budget and quality.

Civil Engineering


Providing personalized, turnkey service, our multidisciplinary team is renowned for its commitment to quality.

Products and Services

As a contractor specializing in civil-engineering projects, we offer tailor-made support by a multidisciplinary team to meet our customers’ specific needs through an experience that is focused on mutual success.

Products and Services


Project Start-up
As specialists in getting projects up and going, our team has the experience required to successfully meet the project mandates we undertake, including:
-Top-soil removal.
-Excavation and land preparation for buildings.
- Road, access road, and winter road construction.
Our reliability and flexibility have earned us a reputation for successfully carrying out civil-engineering works, including:
-Road resurfacing.
-Dam heightening.
-Sewers and dams.
-Snow removal and site maintenance.
Project Decommissioning
Rehabilitating mine sites is unquestionably one of our greatest strengths. Continuously implementing our environmental management plan, we are the ideal partners to take our customers through the various steps related to the closure of their projects:
-Rehabilitation and decontamination.
-Pond decommissioning.
-Restoration of abandoned (orphan) sites.
-Drainage and levelling.

Turnkey Service to Meet Your Needs

  • Customer-focused performance

    Our strong focus on our clients can be measured in terms of loyalty, satisfaction and transparency. Our technical support and after-sales service offer a customer experience based on respect and the pursuit of mutual success.

  • Rigour and flexibility

    Our determination, discipline, attention to detail and ability to adapt will make all the difference in the realization of your projects.

  • Specialized equipment

    Totalling over 1,000 units, our fleet of specialized equipment ensures that all work is carried out quickly, efficiently and within deadlines.

  • Competence and customization

    Working in close collaboration with our clients, we are committed to delivering customized products and services that adhere to the strictest environmental and health-and-safety standards.






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