Known for expertise and innovation in our field, our dedicated team develops cutting-edge tools and technologies that allow us to successfully perform in terms of on-time delivery, budget and quality.



Recognized for our expertise in the North American mining sector, we offer an integrated range of products and services focused on personalized, tailor-made support.

Products and Services

For everything from project start-up to the decommissioning of mine sites, we guarantee comprehensive mining services that you can trust. Our flexible, personalized approach allows us to adapt to the growth and progress of your large-scale projects.

Exploration and project start-up


Exploration and project start-up
Your project launch is a crucial step. We believe in the importance of starting off on a solid foundation, offering reliable services that meet your specific needs:
-Access route.
-Excavation and site preparation.
-General earthworks.



The performance of your site depends on rigorous attention to detail in all work carried out. We ensure quality products and services for:
-Formwork and concreting.
-Channelling and fusion.
-Crushing of aggregates.
-Concrete production.
-Civil works.
-Water management.
-Dikes and ponds.



To facilitate your mining activities, we offer specialized products and services that can streamline your day-to-day operations:
-Stripping and mass excavation.
-Turnkey pit operation.
-Ore and waste rock transport.
-Road maintenance.
-Rental of labour and specialized equipment.

Mine site decommissioning


Mine site decommissioning
To ensure the efficient decommissioning of your mine sites, we offer a complete range of services, all in compliance with prevailing environmental standards:
-Site restoration.
-Reclamation of waste rock.
-Closure of tailings ponds.

Turnkey Service to Meet Your Needs

  • Customer-focused performance

    Our strong focus on our clients can be measured in terms of loyalty, satisfaction and transparency. Our technical support and after-sales service offer a customer experience based on respect and the achievement of mutual success.

  • Rigour and flexibility

    Our determination, discipline, attention to detail and ability to adapt will make all the difference in achieving your project goals.

  • Specialized equipment

    With over 1,000 units, our fleet of specialized equipment means all work is carried out quickly, efficiently and on schedule.

  • Competence and customization

    Working in close collaboration with our clients, we are committed to delivering customized products and services that comply with the strictest environmental and health-and-safety standards.






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